Collecting Hockey Cards And Cards From Other Sports Is Fun


While not as many kids collect sports cards as did when I was young, they still do. In fact, they are manufactured at high numbers, and there are so many different versions of special edition cards and the likes. Just a disclaimer, while cards are very collectible and valuable, you need to be aware that their value has taken a big hit in recent years. Collectors have continuously hoped to see their values go up, but so far, they trickle up or stay stale just like interest rates on mortgages, CDs and savings account. Trust me, I would like to see my Steve Yzerman rookie card go up in value. I bought it in 2005, and its an older card mind you if you know about the hockey great Steve Yzerman.

Next to Wayne Gretzky, Yzerman might be the 2nd most popular player. There are others as you know, but Yzerman is definitely a good one. He played for the Red Wings, and his rookie season was definitely not in 2005. He played for quite awhile, and his hockey card is worth about 25 to 50 dollars depending on who you ask and these days, who is bidding.

Then you have the graded cards, and the sellers want more money for them. My hockey cards aren’t graded, but some of the baseball cards I have are graded, given to me by a friend. If you collect hockey cards, do you have them graded. You don’t want to have a card graded if it isn’t too valuable really because it costs money to do it. It is worth it if the card is worth significantly more than it is ungraded, enough to pay the fee at least, preferably and then some.

So a better question if you have yet to have any of your hockey cards graded is do you have any that need to be. You should take a look, and you can easily search the going rate for particular cards online and look at about starting your collection. Why did I say the going rate instead of the value? You have to be realistic these days, and that means seeing what they sell for. The online world has made that happen, although online selling has also presented many opportunities.

How many hockey cards do you have? I have maybe three at best, maybe more but I would have to search. I have a sleeve of football cards, a couple or few sleeves of basketball cards and thousands of baseball cards. Guess you can see where I rank my sports, but hey I like them all and I like hockey. It is fun to watch, go Red Wings, and it is even more fun to watch in person. Is hockey your favorite sport or just one of them? Do you play? That is one thing I haven’t done is play hockey, but it looks like fun. I think I’ll stick to collecting my cards though. Collecting sports cards of any kind is fun, and one day they will be even more valuable again most likely.