What You Need To Know About Skunk Removal

Wild Skunk

Skunks may look cute, but if you have an encounter with one, you quickly learn they are dangerous animals that can leave you covered in noxious chemicals. Once skunks have claimed your property as theirs, they will spray it continually to mark it, making those evenings out on the patio a lot less enjoyable. Read on to learn about skunk removal and why you should evict your skunks quickly.

Skunks prefer to avoid encounters with humans and animals, but if they are cornered by you or your pets, they won’t hesitate to spray. The spray will irritate your eyes and nose and cause respiratory problems and vomiting in humans. When the spray gets on your pets, it can be hard to get off.

You will know that a skunk has moved in when you start to smell the scent. They will usually move in under decks or porches. You might find one in your shed or garage as well. If the skunk isn’t bothering you or your pets you could consider leaving it alone because skunks will kill rodents and other pests around your house.

The problems happen when you get too many skunks or they start to have babies. The babies can be noisy and the skunk parents get extra protective when babies are involved. The noise might keep you up at night and your pets might be in danger if they try to go after the skunks or the babies. It also becomes hard to deal with the skunk smell when you are trying to enjoy your deck. Thankfully, skunks sleep during the day and come out at night, so you are unlikely to run across them.

If you want to get rid of the skunks, you need to make your home an unattractive place for them to be. They love homes that have pet food out in the open or garbage cans that are easy to get into. They will gladly make their dens under piles of rocks and wood, under concrete slabs, elevated sheds and decks, crawl spaces and porches.

You can remove the things that attract the skunks. Feed your pets inside, and cover up window wells. If you think you have skunks, but you aren’t sure, you can loosely pack newspaper around the suspected opening and see if it has been pushed out of the way.

If you need to get rid of the skunks, don’t try to do it yourself. You could get sprayed and skunks also have very sharp claws that they won’t hesitate to scratch you with. A professional skunk removal company will humanely get rid of the skunks so you don’t have to deal with them and you can get them off your property.

You don’t have to let skunks ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. You can have them safely removed and they you won’t need to deal with them anymore. Skunks don’t need to be a big problem at your home.