Treatments For Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is a type of leg pain caused by a pinched nerve low in the back. Sciatic nerve pain is commonly caused by a herniated disk, where the disk develops a crack or tear and bulges into the spinal canal. While the symptoms will generally clear in 6 weeks, the pain can last longer. There are a number of treatments both in this post and the article on that you can look into to help with this pain.

Chiropractic Care

If you are unable to find pain relief from other therapies then chiropractic care should be considered before surgery. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics had 120 patients visit a chiropractor 3 times a week for 4 weeks then continue with a weekly visit until they felt better. The people in the study who responded well to this care found that the benefits lasted for up to a year.

Chiropractic care will not only help with the pain, but has been found to restore mobility to the affected area. It will also reduce any inflammation in the area which helps the body naturally heal the root problem. However, it should be noted that not all patients will respond to chiropractic care.


Many people with sciatic nerve pain have found that they are able to find relief after a single acupuncture session. A small study which was published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine found that of 30 people with this type of pain, 17 saw complete relief and 10 saw an improvement in symptoms with warming acupuncture. This type of acupuncture uses needles which have been heated to better treat problems such as pain.

Doing Yoga

While you may think that doing yoga is the last thing that you should be doing, you could actually get pain relief from it. The journal Pain has a study where people with chronic back pain did Iyengar yoga for 16 weeks and saw a reduction in their pain levels of 64%. Of course, you will need to look at gentle forms of yoga because the exact effects of the exercise on sciatica are not known.

Going For A Massage

When you go for a massage to treat your sciatic nerve pain you should not expect the laid-back spa experience. The best massage for this will be trigger point therapy where pressure is applied to the inflamed and irritated areas caused by sciatica. It is recommended that you have these massages 7 to 10 days apart and should seek a different treatment method if you do not see any changes after the fourth session.

Applying Heat And Ice

While the inflammation which causes sciatic nerve pain is deep below the surface the application of heat and ice may help with the pain. You will need to use an ice pack or heating pad for approximately 15 minutes at a time. The pain relief found will vary depending on the person with some people not feeling any effects from this.

There are a number of sciatic nerve pain treatments that you should consider. Of course, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before you try any of these treatments.